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Ares One: the revolutionary insole that instantly improves your speed

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All shoe manufacturers only care about improving the cushioning of the stride but none of them has succeeded into using that energy to make you jump higher or run faster. Ares One, thanks to a new arch structure composed of a mix of carbon and kevlar, immediately re-uses the kinetic energy that otherwise would be lost. The results are stunning:


for the 100m


for the 10km


oxygen reduction during the run

Beat your
personal best

Ares is the result of six years of trials and scientific tests. It is a real revolution in the field of biomechanics and composite materials.  The result is an extraordinary insole that instantly improves your performance.

They train and win with Ares One

Lorenzo Bernini

"Thanks to my One I finally succeeded in beating athletes who have always beaten me for several seconds."

Vladimiro Mazzotti

"I run about 100km a week, I know the sensations of all the shoes that I use: with Ares One the shoe immediately becomes incredibly more reactive, wow!"

Marco Giavoni

Silver medal from the European Agility Dog
"It took me a while to get used to the rigidity of my One but I immediately loved the reactivity! These insoles are INCREDIBLE! And I couldn't quit using them!!!"

Simone Lunghi

"First race after 3 days of adaptation. 3rd place. All personal records for an uphill running…"

Ares is part of CesenaLab, one of the most important accelerator of innovative companies in Italy.

No fear of injuries.

Ares One drastically improves the cushioning reducing the danger of hard impacts and protecting the ankle and knee joints. The secret is a special memory-foam silicone material used with greater density in the most critical points.  
And you will make even less effort.




"I've been using Ares for almost a month now, the difference is between 5 and 10 sec/km! No physical problems and my running technique has improved!"

Paolo Lucchi

Runner and Mayor of Cesena

They reduce the energy lost in the foot joint during the stride. The speed increases significantly and the economy of the race improves.

Based on the study: "Influence of midsole bending stiffness on joint energy and jump height performance."

The science behind Ares.

Part of  Ares technology is based on three important scientific studies:

  • Influence of midsole bending stiffness on joint energy and jump height performance.
    (2000 Feb. / PMID: 10694134)
  • Influence of initial foot dorsal flexion on vertical jump and running performance.
    (2006 Mar. / PMID: 16540846)
  • Shoe midsole longitudinal bending stiffness and running economy, joint energy, and EMG.
    (2010 Sep. / PMID: 19918197)

Guaranteed result.

Test Ares for a month. We guarantee you 100% money back if you aren't satisfied with the results. We are sure that once you try them, you can't help but become a fan!

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